"I will use the Steps to reconcile conflict. I used to think that if I pretended that the conflict didn't bother me then eventually the other person would forget about it. Now I know that it is more likely for the other person to be my friend again if they know how I feel. I also know that a way to show that is to use the Step of Reconciliation." Grade 5 student


"I have become more understanding of others' wants and needs. I realize that not everything can be solved in a day. There is a process. I used to stop helping students at the end of the school day, but now I want to be more involved and help." Educator


"I think the most important thing I learned about Nonviolence is Agape. I think that Agape is important because it represents what Nonviolence is. No matter how unkind a person is to you, no matter how much you don't like them, you must be kind to them for the person they have the potential to be. There will always be people you don't like, and people who don't like you, which is why if everyone used Agape there would be less conflicts." Student

More Testimonials About Our Training


Did Our Training Meet Your Expectations?

"You opened the lines of communication (for our staff). I'm excited to put into action what I learned."

"Sharing our thinking and experiences brings us to a better place."

"It changed how I look at a lot of situations, and I will handle them differently."

Describe The Training

"Excellent and effective"

"Love the personal stories"

"Trainers committed to the philosophy"


"Trainers were well prepared, knowledgable"

"Very good discussions"

"Informative, touching"

What Personal Changes Have You Experienced?

"I used to stop helping (students) at the end of the day, now I want to help and get involved."

"I don't give up as easily (in a conflict) as I did before."

"I'm more calm and rational when thinking about a problem."

"How I can model or influence others to embrace this as a path/way of life."

Student Testimonials

"I really enjoy learning about Nonviolence because I used to get bullied, but when I learned Nonviolence I started to use it and everything was so much better."

"In earlier years I have been excluded from groups of friends, but this year has been different...we can work together better."

"Learning about Nonviolence in school is important because it stops bullying."

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