Discount fee for schools that send a team of at least 3 teachers and 1 administrator

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Nonviolent Schools Summer Institute

Open to anyone who works in a school: educators, support staff, administrators, superintendents

Nonviolent Schools RI is proud to announce a transformational Summer Institute, open to all educators, support staff, and administrators who work in schools throughout the United States and Canada.

The Summer Institute will be a place for educators to join together to work on solutions to issues we all face, such as:

     How to handle a disruptive student

     Recognizing our role in addressing conflicts

     Understand what happens to us when we, or a student, becomes angry

     How to teach ourselves and our students to de-escalate when we are angry

     Creating a peaceful learning environment (in classrooms and schools)

     Using Nonviolence Principles to create a Beloved (Peaceful) Community

     And more!

     If you are a school nurse, music/art/physical education/library/tech teacher we would love to have you join us! We'll be addressing your specific needs as educators through our interactive, thought-provoking activities!

Key Words: Nonviolence, teacher professional development, restorative justice, social emotional learning

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Are you interested participating in an Institute that will help you develop strategies to maximize your teaching time, decreasing the amount of time you spend on discipline? We will teach you all of this, and more at the Nonviolent Schools Summer Institute!

Tuition is $575 for 40 hours.  Group discount rate-save $50/participant.

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